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Ingrid Widiarto

Uyghur Stories - Real-life scenes from Xinjiang


In view of China’s expansive economic policy and the
ever increasing importance of global trade relations,
the question of human rights often lags far behind. The
Uyghurs, in particular, who live in northwestern China,
have suffered discrimination and oppression for many
years and fear for their culture and ethnic identity. The
Chinese government, which has always justified its
repressive policies with the assertion that it is protecting
state security, has drastically increased the pressure and
surveillance in recent years and has locked hundreds of
thousands of Uyghurs and members of other Muslim
minorities in so-called re-education camps. But even
before that, when the world was still barely aware of the
fate of the Uyghurs, there were constant injustices.
The stories in this book take a look behind the scenes.
They accompany a number of Uyghurs in their daily
lives and let the reader participate in their harrowing


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ISBN: 9783985300662   

Sprache: Englisch   
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